Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Intimacy of Reviewing Toys

In my first post I talked about how I got into reviewing sex toys for Eden Fantasys.  It has only been about a month or so since all this has started and it's been a wild ride!

That being said, it hasn't been without its hiccups.  I don't think that My Mister thought that my foray into the world of sex toys would be so consuming!  He really had no idea that I would be so interested in learning about sex toys, so willing to try new things, so consumed with the community. 

I think our biggest hiccup in this process, however, has been the time we've taken to reassure each other that no matter what comes into the home, we're completely satisfied with each other.  This is strictly a matter of pleasuring each other with some new textures, materials, vibrations, and other various apparatuses.  This is about discovering things within ourselves and within the other person that intensifies our connection. 

If a product arrives in my assignment cart that would take away from, rather than enhance, our connection and intimacy, it gets declined.  Simple as that.  Basically, anything that is modeled after another man/woman (with the exception of the Fleshlight we just received for review... it is supposed to be modeled after Tera Patrick, but we just ignore that part as Fleshlights are high quality toys and I have less issue with "molds" than My Mister does).

I digress.  There is a lot of fun and intimacy in picking toys.  We love looking for items that will help us either achieve my elusive G-Spot orgasm or that will help us fulfill our new fantasies of bondage and exhibitionism.  Just shopping for items together and talking about the different ways we can use them is usually enough to get our engines revving. 

If anyone is looking for a little advice, I would say that if you and your partner are in a bit of a lull state for getting the motors warm, just take a little shopping trip.  You don't even have to buy anything.  But you do need to be honest.  Stay away from things that are uncomfortable or taboo subject matter (again, be honest with each other about what makes you uncomfortable... so if you are turned off by pornography or anal toys, say "No _______________").  Fantasize together about how you'd like to use the product.  Be descriptive.  You'll be shutting down your computer and running up the stairs in no time!


  1. Hey there :) Have you tried the Close2You Harmonia for g-spot stimulation? It was with that toy that I got my first g-spot orgasm and even a little ejaculation.

    Just friendly suggestion one reviewer to another ^^

  2. I actually have that on my wish list. I got something else with my gift cards and wish I'd gotten that instead..... :/