Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Hows and Whys

My Mister and I were placing an order over at Eden Fantasys and I saw this banner:
"Eden Fantasys Review Program:  Become a Reviewer.  Get Free Toys.  Enjoy Special Discounts."

Ummm... HELL YES! Oh wait, My Mister.

ME:  Honey! Honey! I can get free sex toys!
Mr:  Awesome!  What does it entail.
ME: I just have to write a review.  It has to be pretty detailed though.  I have to talk about our experience with the toy.
Mr: But you get free sex toys?
ME: *nods*
Mr: So, DO IT!  It can be anonymous, right?
ME: Yep.
Mr:  Go for it!


As I have gotten acquainted with the website and the forum I have encountered some amazing people!  There is a system, and you should read into it before jumping on the train, or you may be disappointed. But along with the benefit of choosing items to review, items that are assigned to you free of charge to review, and a 30% discount on an item in return for an unbiased review.... there's also the Eden Points Program, where everything you do on the website, from searching for items to commenting in the forum to turning in a review, will earn you points!  This is such a generous company and they take care of their reviewers.
Now here I am, wanting to expand and explore my sexual side.  To explore the wonders of sex and marriage.  You'll find toy reviews here, sex talk and advice, musings and discoveries of my sexuality, and who knows what else!


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