Saturday, May 21, 2011

You'll Want to Plant this Seed in your Garden

For a little more hands on detail, please go see my video at including a side-by-side comparison with Mimi.

As I'm often found doing, I was recently browsing around the Sex Shop I Trust and I discovered that Eden was carrying some of Zini's new line.  I was so excited!  I've long coveted several of the Zini products and I was excited that Eden had them on there.  Now, I'm not usually one for being the very first to buy and try a toy, so I thought I'd hang back and wait for a few weeks until a review popped up.  No. Such. Luck.  I woke up the morning after they were presented and saw that the Seed was on sale for 25% off.  Click. Click. Cart. Paid. Shipped. Wait a weekend.  Then, wait another few days...

Finally, it arrived on Thursday!  I wasn't expecting it on Thursday, so when my super-friendly mail lady offered me up the box I almost kissed her! (The mail lady, not the box... of course.)  Even though I was pressed for time, I still took her upstairs (the Seed, not the mail lady!) and plugged her in.  I left the house and returned home a little over an hour and a half later to find that she was all charged up!  (The manual states that it needs 2 hours to charge, but the blue light indicating a full charge was on!)  I promptly came downstairs to give folks a little hint as to what she's like, then I was encouraged to give a more detailed accounting.

Now I'll tell you a little more about her.  The Seed comes in packaging that we come to expect with our luxury toys.  (At least, I know I have.)  It comes shrink-wrapped in a sturdy black box.  The box also flips open to open a compartment that houses your charger, manuals (yes, two, but one contains your warranty), and your storage bag (that has a very generous amount of room, please see video for details!)  Even though it's shrink-wrapped, and your hands are the first to graze the silky Seed, you still want to give it a good, thorough cleaning before use.  (A little note about the warranty, it requires you to keep your receipt!  Read the fine print, folks!)

The Seed is about 5 inches long, and the finger (as I like to call it) is about 2.5 inches in circumference.  The silicone is super silky and has almost no drag at all.  It's great for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, as it's about the size of a finger..  The built-in control pad, while is a little touch sensitive, is very user-friendly.  There are three buttons:  a + sign, a - sign, and a circular button in the center.  To turn it on, you simply tap the plus sign.  You can increase or decrease the vibration level by simply scrolling up or down with the + and -.  To turn it off, you can either scroll all the way down with the - or hold it down for a little more than a second.  To change from steady vibration to the 10 (TEN!) pulsation modes, tap the center, circular button; then simply scroll through with, again, the + or -.

The pulsation levels are color coded:

White:          Slow roller coaster
Teal:            Medium roller coaster
Lt. Blue:       Fast roller coaster
Orange:       Rolling build-pause-repeat
Pink:            Slower rolling build-pause-repeat
Green:         Quicker build-two fast pulses-pause-repeat
Purple:         Fast pulses
Dk. Blue:      Fast, staccato pulses
Pink/Purple:   2 fast staccato pulses into a longer pulse-repeat
Fuschia:        9 fast pulses into one long pulse-repeat

There's also an insane-crazy mode.  While you're in pulsation mode, if you hold down the center button, it will cycle through all the pulsation modes repeatedly.  This is great for clitoral torture with a partner because all the patterns are strong, but it changes so frequently, you never get a chance to get used to it.

As for the power.  It's a fairly strong vibrator; but it's by no means a clit-burner-offer.  This is actually really nice.  I find that, not only, does it not burn my clit off, but it also doesn't make my fingers overly itchy!  The vibrations are more "buzzy" than "rumbly."  I find that it rivals the power of Mimi, but it doesn't have as rumbly or deep of vibrations as Mimi. While I find the Mimi to be a bit more powerful than Seed, I find myself preferring the Seed because it's lighter and more easily maneuvered than Mimi.  Especially for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.  I find the play time also rivals Mimi pretty equally.  I charged Seed up on Thursday.  I used her twice on Thursday, the first time for about 20 minutes, the second time for over an hour.  I used her once on Friday for about 35 minutes, and then proceeded to do take after take after take for my video review, so Seed was probably on for well over 2 hours without losing much of her power.  She's probably a little weaker now having been used so much without another charge, but I could probably use it for another session or two without her turning off. 

There's this "thing" that happens to me when either I'm receiving oral sex or when I'm being fingered.  I get aroused to the point where the bottom of my feet burn.  I've never received this sensation from ANY toy.  Ever.  Until the Seed.  This will likely end up being my go-to clitoral vibrator.  Not that Mimi won't still be well-loved; but between ease of use, the super quiet vibrations, and the feet-burning arousal... how can I not use the Seed over and over and over and over!

Pick yours up at and use the code SGX at checkout to receive 15% off your order!