Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tied in Black Satin

I had been toying with the idea of being tied for a little while now.  I know My Mr enjoys it, but for many reasons it's never been something I could come to grips with.  I have issues with having my choice, my will, taken from me.  I like to be the one to give the pain, not receive it.  Finally, I decided to give it a try, I had two conditions.  My first condition was that my wrists could be bound, and I could be blindfolded, but I MUST be able to move my arms.  I had to feel like I had a way to defend myself.  No, I wouldn't need to, but I needed to be able to feel like I could.  The second condition was that it would be a sensual experience with no spanking or any kind of implement-play involved.  Basically, anything that I normally found pleasurable would be okay, but I wouldn't be able to see it coming.  For a first time being tied up, I'm glad My Mr understands my fears and was willing to accommodate.  I'm so lucky!

So when I was searching sex toy stores for something to try, I came across Babeland's Satin Bondage Kit.  It looked so soft and smooth, I knew I wanted to try it.  For real satin, this was pretty reasonably priced and even better, was provided to me in exchange for my honest review!  It looked pretty non-threatening and that was key for me.

It arrived in a very discreet box that made no indication that I had received an item from a sex shop.  This is great for me because I live in a duplex and have VERY nosy neighbors.  When I opened the box to reveal my new find, I was met be a delicious black satin drawstring pouch.  It was so soft to touch.  Inside the pouch were my two 5-foot (Right?!) satin sashes and a satin blindfold that ties.  I was really impressed with the blindfold.  I've purchased blindfolds before that say they're satin and soft and end up being nylon and kind of rough.  They get the job done of course, but who wants to buy a product that isn't what it says? Not me!  That's not the case with Babeland's satin blindfold in this kit.  It's very luxurious.  It does have Babeland's logo on one side of it, so if you or your partner don't want to look at it in the middle of your bondage, just go ahead and turn it around, both sides are equally soft and satiny! 

After about 30 minutes of having my wrists bound together, my hands started falling asleep.  I really enjoyed my time, for the most part (details to come later) and will probably go ahead and engage in this more often.  We've also had fun thinking up creative ways we can use the sashes beyond tying me up.  As a doggy-style strap.  A cock-and-balls device. A ribbon for my hair.  A belt.  There are lots of things you can do with these, but for what they're designed to do, they do a great job too!  Pick some up at Babeland's website or in store if you're lucky enough to have a Babeland brick and mortar available to you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Click This: A Review

One thing that has been a big part of my sexual rediscovery has been masturbation.  Alone time with myself, discovering what feels good, finding hidden treasures along my body has been exciting and freeing.  Discovering new textures of sex toys is a very fun experience as well.  I can't keep that discovery to myself.  So, being a good wife, have decided, from time-to-time, to pick up some things for My Mr.  I can't keep it all to myself, right?  Well, I guess I can but it's not very nice!

The last time I perused the Babeland website looking for something, I decided to get My Mr a Tenga Egg.  I've been eying these for some time and thought, "What a great thing for a quick fix!"  Tenga Eggs are designed to be a one-shot masturbation sleeve that comes in a variety of textures; however, if you are careful to be gentle with it and clean it appropriately, it could last longer but likely not more than 2-3 times.  When you order them in singles on Babeland, you never know what you'll get, as there's not a place for selecting your desired texture.  We received the "Clicker" texture which has cylindrical, hollow knobs that protrude from the inside of the egg.  Made of a squishy TPE (thermoplastic elastic or elastomer), the small egg can stretch over a quite a bit of length and girth.  Before My Mr tried it out, I decided to check it out and get my own textile reactions.  I was able to get it over my entire fist and even stretch out my fingers a little.  Very stretchy.  I was very impressed.

Due to illnesses and TOM running rampant throughout the household, it took us quite some time to actually get around testing this product out.  We eventually tried it out on a night when I was still a little too sick (i.e., hacking up several lungs... one might not have even been mine) but I really wanted to do something for My Mr.  I pulled out the egg, poured some of the provided lube (which feels silicone-based, but I could be wrong) into the egg and onto him, and set to work on his cock.  I was careful to make sure that he could feel the texture all along his manhood from the very tip to the base of his shaft.  He enjoyed the texture immensely while I was working it for him.  I did noticed that the lube did make the outside of the egg more tacky to the touch, but that helped me a little with gripping the egg.

We did switch off so that he could test it himself.  When My Mr masturbates he prefers a much tighter grip than when I'm pleasuring him.  He sets to work with one goal: orgasm, so it is a little difficult for him to take too much time dedicated to gentle work.  It's what I'm there for, right?  So, to get this tighter grip, he had to pull the egg down over him tighter and then all the "clicks" were not felt.  I think with a texture like the Spider or the Silky or the Wavy, this wouldn't have been as much of a problem and he would have continued to feel it all over even when pulled tight.

So, next time you're perusing Babeland for passionate play items, check out these delightful little treasures.  They're an inexpensive way to add a little change-up to your own man's routine.  A little side note too, if you own a wand-style massager like the Hitachi, you can also turn these inside out and use it as a textured attachment to add a little something to those deep vibrations.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Trying New Things

I haven't been around for quite some time due to illness and the children's illnesses.  JOY! 

There are a couple of things that My Mr and I have been working on in the bedroom.  One of them is fisting!  WHOA!  By no means are we there yet, but we're working on it.  We decided to try this after much reading on the subject.  One thing I noticed when reading testimonials is that aside from feeling really full and having the potential for amazing g-spot orgasms, they all claim a level of intimacy unlike anything they've ever known!  This was something we had to try.  We've been working on it slowly over the past month.  We are by no means there yet, but it is intense and very erotic if you take the time to maintain other play while trying this.  The level of intimacy was unlike what I expected.  It's so intense and we feel so close afterward.

The other thing we've been delving into is a bit of the bondage world.  To put it plainly, we've barely got a toe dipped into these deep waters, but it is something that we're exploring.  Mostly as myself as the domme.  I've got some pretty deep-seated issues about rape and control that stands as a barrier to allow me to be a sub, but it works out well because My Mr very much likes me to be in control during our sessions. 

I did allow My Mr to tie me up one time recently.  First time in our entire 9-years together.  I'm going to blog about it on the Eden Cafe, and I will be sure to let all of you know how all this turns out.

I don't plan to take such a long hiatus from blogging here again, unless of course children and I get sick again.