Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tied in Black Satin

I had been toying with the idea of being tied for a little while now.  I know My Mr enjoys it, but for many reasons it's never been something I could come to grips with.  I have issues with having my choice, my will, taken from me.  I like to be the one to give the pain, not receive it.  Finally, I decided to give it a try, I had two conditions.  My first condition was that my wrists could be bound, and I could be blindfolded, but I MUST be able to move my arms.  I had to feel like I had a way to defend myself.  No, I wouldn't need to, but I needed to be able to feel like I could.  The second condition was that it would be a sensual experience with no spanking or any kind of implement-play involved.  Basically, anything that I normally found pleasurable would be okay, but I wouldn't be able to see it coming.  For a first time being tied up, I'm glad My Mr understands my fears and was willing to accommodate.  I'm so lucky!

So when I was searching sex toy stores for something to try, I came across Babeland's Satin Bondage Kit.  It looked so soft and smooth, I knew I wanted to try it.  For real satin, this was pretty reasonably priced and even better, was provided to me in exchange for my honest review!  It looked pretty non-threatening and that was key for me.

It arrived in a very discreet box that made no indication that I had received an item from a sex shop.  This is great for me because I live in a duplex and have VERY nosy neighbors.  When I opened the box to reveal my new find, I was met be a delicious black satin drawstring pouch.  It was so soft to touch.  Inside the pouch were my two 5-foot (Right?!) satin sashes and a satin blindfold that ties.  I was really impressed with the blindfold.  I've purchased blindfolds before that say they're satin and soft and end up being nylon and kind of rough.  They get the job done of course, but who wants to buy a product that isn't what it says? Not me!  That's not the case with Babeland's satin blindfold in this kit.  It's very luxurious.  It does have Babeland's logo on one side of it, so if you or your partner don't want to look at it in the middle of your bondage, just go ahead and turn it around, both sides are equally soft and satiny! 

After about 30 minutes of having my wrists bound together, my hands started falling asleep.  I really enjoyed my time, for the most part (details to come later) and will probably go ahead and engage in this more often.  We've also had fun thinking up creative ways we can use the sashes beyond tying me up.  As a doggy-style strap.  A cock-and-balls device. A ribbon for my hair.  A belt.  There are lots of things you can do with these, but for what they're designed to do, they do a great job too!  Pick some up at Babeland's website or in store if you're lucky enough to have a Babeland brick and mortar available to you!

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