Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can I Crash Here Too?

While Babeland offers Sex Toys for a Passionate World, they also offer a variety of porn from the hetero-normative to queer, vanilla to kink, and everything in between.  So, when Babeland offered me a Crash Pad DVD to watch, I didn't know what to expect.  I don't watch a lot of porn, and I am completely new to the concept of "Queer" or "Feminist" porn.  In three short words:  I liked it.

Volume Six of this series is called "Wide Open", is produced by Pink and White Productions, and has five very different and highly erotic scenes.  The DVD also includes bonus materials.  There are interviews with the actors that include behind the scene footage of each scene.  These interviews were very interesting and entertaining.  I enjoyed hearing more about the different actors and their feelings on their work.  But enough about the behind the scenes, you want to know what happens, right?

The premise, or at least what I can gather about it, is that the Crash Pad is an apartment in San Francisco.  In the Crash Pad you are likely to engage in the most mind blowing sex you've ever experienced.  But, if you get to use the Crash Pad, there are some rules.  Though it's not covered in the Wide Open DVD, just a little research gave me the house rules.  Call first; the Pad is first come, first serve.  You must answer the phone or leave it off the hook.  You can only use the Pad seven times.  Once you've used it your seventh time, you must pass the key along to someone else.  Being that this is feminist, queer porn, I would assume that it would be another person of that category; however, one thing I'm learning more and more about the queer community is not to make assumptions.

As for Wide Open, it starts off with a scene with Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan.  Both of them are fairly well-known in the world of pornography, especially in the Queer Porn genre.  In this scene, this couple has an extra rule.  They cannot kiss.  This proves to be a challenge for them because it is quite obvious that these two have a deeper connection than simply acting together on camera.  This scene is playful, erotic, and you can tell they are having fun together.  The highlight of this scene is the introduction of the Eleven, by NJoy.  This scene is what has sold me on my own desire to get this toy.  They not only use this toy on each other, but use it together in a particularly hot tribbing session.

The next scene is a hard core BDSM humiliation scene featuring Casey Grey and Tina Horn.  Casey is in complete control of the insolent, slutty, messy Tina, and Tina gets punished for her transgressions.  Legs tied up at the knees, an amazing strap-on cock, and spankings make up most of the scene; not to mention some forced orgasm play with a Hitachi Magic Wand.  Tina really should know better.

The third scene features two trans guys (FTM, for those who aren't aware), gorgeous Cyd Loverboy and James Darling.  Who wants their boots licked? That'd be Cyd, who takes control of James, who's tied up with nowhere to go.  If you like punching, cock sucking, and power play, this is the scene for you.  And to be sure, there is some amazing cock sucking going on in this scene.

Ever wonder what it would be like to pick up a sexy bad boi on the side of the road?  Carson and Ray show you what can happen.  Do you want to know what's hotter than a sexy queer with a strap on? Two.  This scene includes cock sucking at its best and then Carson takes Ray for a ride.  As performers who had never acted together before, this scene had a lot of chemistry.

The final scene rivals the first one as my favorite.  Featuring Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich) and Princess Donna.  While it could be considered the most "vanilla" scene in the bunch, there is a genuine tenderness and care that Shawn takes with the Princess.  This scene is primarily about the aftercare.  It starts off with Shawn undressing the Princess and it quickly turns even more erotic.  This scene defies all the other scenes with its lack of toys or apparatuses.  Tongues and fingers do all the work in this scene and it is beautiful and erotic.

Like I said, there are interviews as well.  I took great care to watch all of them and found them fascinating.  I simply didn't want them to end.  It was great to see these wonderful people interact with their costars after the fact.  There was a genuine respect and love in each one of the interviews; even with the only two who'd never been together prior, Carson and Ray.

To say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would is an understatement.  As someone who is in a monogamous marriage with a man, queer sex is not a world that is opened up to me often.  This was a surprising foray into that and I am very aroused by it.  My very hetero-normative husband did not enjoy it nearly as much, so I usually only watch it for my own solo sessions.  If you enjoy feminist porn, or if you just like seeing real orgasms and great chemistry, definitely check out the Crash Pad series.  Pick it up at Babeland!