Monday, April 4, 2011

Tickle Me... Wait! Spank Me!

As I explore my sub side more and more, I'm discovering that I like the rough more than the sensual side of role-playing.  Luckily, when I picked up the Starburst Tickler from Sportsheets at Babeland, I was able to use it for both.

This tickler is made of plastic and feathers.  The tag nor the Sportsheets or Babeland websites offer the specific type of feathers they are.  I presume they've been dyed into red and black.  Sportsheets offers them in six different colors; however, Babeland only stocks red at this time. The feathers are very soft and are glued in well.  Some firm, but gentle, tugging did not dislodge any of the feathers.  I wouldn't recommend trying too hard to get the feathers out, because I'm sure at some point you will succeed!  The handle is plastic with the Sportsheets logo molded onto the handle.  You only want to share this between fluid-bound partners as there is no way to actually sterilize this item.  If you're not fluid bound, you should both have your own if you both want to use this on genitals.

This beautiful tickler is great for exploring the sensual side of role-play.  It's easily used to tickle and tease any erogenous zone you have.  I particularly enjoyed being tickled on breasts, torso, and labia.  You can also use it for Maid scenes as a prop to "dust off the dirty furniture" of whatever you do during those scenes.  Personally, I'm not a good housekeeper, nor do I play one in the bedroom.

While these feathers feel awesome, as I said before, I'm much more into the rough part of kinky play, and I found that the shaft and handle of this tickler makes a decent short cane.  I'm no expert at caning, and don't even own a dedicated cane, but I really think I may have to invest, because the experience with this end of the tickler was very arousing!  The shaft is wonderfully sturdy but has a nice "whippy" quality that delivers a delicious sting to the ass, thighs, and genitals. 

If you're looking for something that can give you a variety of sensations, head over to Babeland and pick up the Starburst Tickler by Sportsheets!

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