Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Lesbian Erotica 2011--A Review

One of my latest picks from Babeland is Best Lesbian Erotica 2011,  which is edited by Kathleen Warnock.  It is introduced by Lea DeLaria, who also selected the installments.  This is a paperback book that is well-bound.  I had no problems with pages or the spine being anything short of perfect.  If you're looking for discretion in a book, something to carry with you, you might want to consider a book cover.  The sexy naked female bodies on the front, with one of their bare asses up in the air and the words: "BEST LESBIAN EROTICA" on the front cover is nothing, if not obvious. 

Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 features 20 erotic stories in varying degrees of sexual states.  From chance encounters, to pursuance of a sexy playmate, to hardcore humiliation, and everything else in between.  With submissions from well-known voices in the writing world such as Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith and D.L. King, this volume of erotica promises to bring you varied and delicious stories that will appeal to anyone with any sexual tastes.  There are also tales from lesser known and even foreign erotica writers.  I can't imagine how hard it must have been to select which entries made it into this volume!
Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite stories, "The Sweet Tooth Never Fades" by Erica Gimpelevich. 

I'm getting faster and faster.  It starts to feel frenzied, my screwing her.  She's saying " Oh, oh," over and over in different pitches, some high and some deep in her throat.  Her cunt feels like a handle, with my fingers curled to hit her G-spot, like I can use it to pick her up.  Without warning I pull out and wipe the lube off on her.  Her pubes are like steel wool, trimmed enough to scratch at my hand, but long enough to curl.
"Don't stop." She sounds desperate.
Just retyping this for you has my face flushing; and that's just a peek at the decadently erotic stories that await you in Best Lesbian Erotica 2011

There are several power-struggle submissions.  The roughest is "My Precious Whore," by Xan West.  In this story there is humiliation and a definite Master/Slave dynamic that is laid bare.  But another story that isn't nearly as hard is "Little Lou," by french author Gala Fur, which details an encounter at an art show that specializes in BDSM art. 

For those of you who appreciate the more sweet and romantic stories, I really enjoyed "Carried Away in Santa Fe," by Charlotte Dare; and "The Number 91," by Heidi Champa.  In "Carried Away in Santa Fe," two long time friends explore their feelings for each other.  It was a nice, and hot, story that made me want to believe in happy endings.  "The Number 91" is about a woman who sees another one every day on the train and then finally gets her chance.

Another story that I really enjoyed was "Painted Nails and Puppy Dog Tails," by Giselle Renard.  This story is all about one woman trying hard to impress the Rockabilly bombshell that works at a salon in the neighborhood.  She finally gets up the courage to make a play and it turns steamy.  How steamy? Well, maybe I'll let the author tell you:
She took my clit between her lips and sucked it like a cock.  She was incredible.  She made me sweat.  She made me whimper.  I could barely breathe as I looked down at her veiled head attacking my body.  I could feel her arousal as she pressed her ass against the far side of the footbath....
 Right?  Hot! 

If you like tales of female-bodied women, gender-bending, strap-on sex, and so on, pick this book up!  Hurry!  Babeland carries it at a great price with great customer service!  And maybe pick up a new toy to go with it!

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