Friday, December 17, 2010

A G-Spot Discovered!!!

"Mmmm.  Thank you God for the G-spot!"  I've been saying that for a few weeks now!

A little information about the G-spot.  It is erectile tissue that is located up above your pubic bone.  When you become aroused, the G-spot enlarges so that it is able to be stimulated during sex.  It feels like a nubbly sponge.  It's very textured and squishy.  How much tissue you have, how erect it becomes, how sensitive it is... well all that is individual to each woman.  So if you haven't found yours yet, take heart!  You are not alone and you are not dysfunctional.

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(Well, maybe you are but that probably has nothing to do with your G-spot!  Then again, aren't we all a little dysfunctional??)

I am one of those women who never had an orgasm with intercourse.  My Mr. has always been very generous to make sure he gave me a clitoral orgasm, but I know that secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) he wondered if he was doing a good job since I couldn't orgasm.  Frankly, I think movies and TV are to blame for this misconception that sex feels amazing for women and orgasm every time they have sex.  Of course, after 9 years of having sex, he did finally realize that it's not him, it's really me.

I did, however, recently become obsessed with the idea of female ejaculation, which is sometimes called "squirting."  It's not that I don't like the term "squirt" but it's often a misconception to female ejaculation.  Not every woman who ejaculates will shoot her ejaculate across the room!  For some women it's slow and simply runs out of the paraurethral ducts that surround her urethra.  Anyway, this obsession has led me to scour the internet and have more exploratory play both solo and with my husband.

In my explorations with my husband of my G-spot I discovered that I needed a lot of pressure on my G-spot to get any sort of stimulation from it.  I also learned that the thrusting motion was not effective on my G-spot in order to achieve orgasm.  A massaging technique was necessary.  At first it was uncomfortable because I felt like I had to pee a lot even though I had just emptied my bladder.  Not to mention, my G-spot lies deep within my vaginal canal and does not erect very much so My Mr.'s fist up against my vulva with so much pressure just did not feel very good.

These results led to the acquisition of The Amethyst.

The Amethyst :)
I'm going to go on a little side bar and write a little love note to glass.  Mmmm, if you have not tried glass, you should give it a shot!  I'm not kidding, just thinking about a glass piece will make me aroused because it holds unspeakable pleasures.  If you make it cold you can experience the nice shocking sensation of deep temperature differences inside you.  (For those of you who have fantasies involving sparkly vampires, well... now you'll know how Bella felt on her honeymoon!) If you heat it up (aside for any Jacob fantasies...) it feels like having a hot stone massage inside your girlie bits, which is my favorite way to use glass.

Okay, back to The Amethyst.  *sheepishly lazy, satisfied grin*  The full details of my review, along with the video, are available if you follow the link.  However, I will say that the deep curve of this piece is excellent for someone discovering her G-spot.  It hooks right up behind your pubic bone and you're left with a nice handle that makes it easy to use.  I found that rocking The Amethyst along with light vibrations or gentle pressure on my clitoris yielded the best results for me!  This technique has yielded many G-spot orgasms and I finally was able to ejaculate!  It was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, sexually, other than My Mr.   (Without his desire to pleasure me, this discovery would never have been made, so truly he is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me sexually.)   Truly, it was the most freeing orgasm, the first time I had it, because I was able to finally let go of the frustrations and feelings of inadequacy that I had before I was able to do this.

Now, if you are one of those women, who like me, felt that you would never experience the wonder of a G-spot orgasm, my advice would be to relax, be patient, and have fun in the journey!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Great post. I love my Bent Graduate (which is another brand of the Amethyst), and I'm hoping to find more g-spot pleasure from it too. Glad to know it works though. :)