Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Best You'll Ever Have, a book review

Since taking this journey into my sexuality, I've been somewhat obsessed with finding literature, forums, anything really that will help me accomplish some of my goals.  Being a BBW naturally eliminates 975 out of 1,000 positions in a Kama Stura book, and probably most of the positions in the "Position of the Day" book, so usually those types of books are not what I look for.

I was at my public library and decided I'd find out what they have about sex when I happened upon this book:  The Best You'll Ever Have, by Shannon Mullen, with Valerie Frankel.  With a tag line that read:  "What every woman should know about getting and giving Knock-Your-Socks-Off Sex," how could I not pick up this book?

This is a very quick read.  I had made it through two sections while sitting in the library waiting for My Mister to finish making his book/CD selection!  By then, I was sure I was taking it home.

In the book, Mullen and Frankel talk about everything from masturbation to anal sex (yes, anal sex for both men and women).  I found it to be very informative and entertaining.  Mullen has a style of writing that is entertaining and still remains professional without being intimidating. 

My Mister even read parts of it and pointed out the sections he most wanted me to read.  Not to mention, he even read some parts of it and coached me into my first multiple orgasm experience!  I'll quote you an excerpt of what he read to coach me:
While multiple orgasms are a lot of fun to aim for, don't ruin the orgasms you already have by pressuring yourself to have more.  The key to multiple orgasms is to surf a wave of pleasure.  So catch a wave and keep on riding instead of waiting for it to break
Needless to say, there is more!  There are about 8 tips for helping yourself to achieve multiple orgasms.  This is not the only subject that Mullen has tips for, either.

What I think makes Mullen so easy to read is that she has done this in person with women for some time.  She founded Safina, which I am unable to determine if it exists anymore.  Safina, however, was a great:  in a living room, you and a bunch of your friends (and possibly your friends' friends) discussing things like orgasms and anal sex and vibrators.  What I think was so great is that there was someone there who was a "professional" in a sense.  Someone to talk to about tips and reassurance in an open and judgment-free environment.

I highly recommend picking up this book.  It is a great resource for any woman who is just beginning to learn how to take advantage of every sexual sensation their body has to offer!

Just a note:  While I'm unsure if Safina still exists or not, you can always check out Babeland who offers education on their website, via consultants, and in their stores.  Babeland is a company created by two women who were looking for a sex-positive, woman-friendly environment to learn about sex and sex toys.  And they DO still exist!

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